The Cardio Pro stair mill is ideal for weight loss and high-intensity cardio workouts. With natural steps, this machine works your core and improves balance. The Stepmill gives you a full cardiovascular and strength workout in one, and a compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for home gyms,and corporate fitness centers.

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Walking uphill or climbing a staircase are both regarded as one of the best methods to increase cardio, strength, and overall stamina. The Cardio Pro StairMill  Machine combines durability and a stream lined feature set for Commercial and home use applications.

  • Gives a great low impact, high cardio calorie burn workout.
  • Uses more muscle groups than a treadmill workout.
  • Gives a larger range of movement then other exercise machines.
  • Improved joint flexibility and joint movement.
  • Improved truck (core) stability, balance, and coordination.
  • Max User Weight of 200kg
  • Product Weight 255kg
  • Dimensions 145cm x 88cm x 224cm (L x W x H)