Proform Mini Fitness Trampoline

Show your joints some love with the low-impact ProForm Mini Fitness Trampoline. Perfect for rebounding exercises, this fun workout delivers better balance, stronger core and thigh muscles, and high calorie burn.


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Mini-trampoline from ProForm designed specifically for fitness. Small sizes allow you to use this simulator at home to always keep yourself in shape. & The frame, legs and springs of the trampoline are made of steel and steel alloys, a matt trampoline made of heavy-duty PVC, which makes it possible to perform various exercises without fear that the mat will break or the structure will not withstand the load.

ProForm Mini Trampoline:

  • 36 inch Fitness Trampoline
  • 5-Piece Frame
  • Durable Springs
  • Digital Nutrition Guide
  • Instructional DVD