Primal Strength Stealth Leg Press Selectorised Machine

Commercial Dual-Series Strength Machines

Heavy Weight Stack (125kg)

Premium Design Seats, Pads & Finishes

Ergonomically Designed, Multi User Positions

1000kg Tested Cables


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The Primal Strength Stealth Dual-Series delivers a full range of eight selectorized cable machines. Each machine has been ergonomically designed and engineered with commercial grade steel, industry leading weight stacks, premium double-stitched moulded pads and 1000kg rated cables, making the Stealth Cable Series perfect for any gym, PT studio or Fitness Centre.

The Stealth Seated Leg Press offers a 125kg stack to suit even the biggest lifters. The ergonomic design ensures that the machine is super smooth with a natural movement. The multi-position back pad ensures users of all sizes can quickly adjust the machines to their ideal position, ensuring optimal ergonomics and user comfort. The machines adjust in 5kg increment and have weight stacks ranging from 90kg to 125kg heavy-duty weight stacks. The cabling design ensures maximum user lifting capability.

The Primal Strength Stealth Dual series has several premium finishes:

• Moulded Foam, Double-Stitched Primal Pads & Cushions

• Ionised Metal Pop-Pins

• Multiple-Position Ionised Selectors

• Hardened Chrome Guide Rod

• 1000kg Rated Cables

• Premium Rubber Handles with Aluminium End Caps

• Exercise Charts

• Gloss Black & Aluminium Finished Weight Shrouds

• Matte Nero Powered-Coated Paint Finish

The Stealth Cable Series includes:

• Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl with a 100KG Stack

• Dual Multi-Angle Chest/Shoulder Press with a 100KG Stack

• Dual Lat Pull Down/Seated Row with a 100KG Stack

• Dual Pec Fly/Rear Delt with a 90KG Stack

• Dual Bicep/Tricep with a 90KG Stack

• Dual Assisted Chin/Dip with a 100KG Stack

• Heavy-Duty Cable Low Row with a 125KG Stack

• Heavy-Duty Cable Leg Press with a 125KG Stack

The Primal Strength Stealth Cable Series is backed with a Lifetime Frame warranty and one year parts and labour warranty on the pads, cables and wearables.