Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Multi Grip Olympic Shrug Bar


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Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Multi Grip Olympic Shrug Bar


Heavy Duty Hex/Trap Bar Designed for Shrugs & Deadlifts

Unique, Rotating, Knurled, Multi-Grip Handles to Build Grip Strength

Reduces Back Strain & Great for Power Lifts

Extended Brushed Aluminium Olympic Sleeves for Maximum Load

Matte Black Frame with a Lifetime Warranty, 450kg Max Capacity


HEIGHT: 29cm





MATERIAL:Powder Coated Steel

BRAND:Primal Strength

WARRANTY:See Warranty Information in Product Description


The Stealth Commercial Fitness Multi-Grip Shrug/Trap Bar is a unique, heavy duty shrug bar with a rotating, multi-grip handle, engineered to improve power, deadlift performance and grip strength. The bar has a unique rotating multi-grip handle that offers three different grips sizes; 25mm, 38mm and the ultra-thick 48m. The grip handles are aligned perfectly with weight-pin holder to ensure the user’s body is correctly aligned with the weights. The knurled handles improve the grip whilst having a centre line to ensure users can accurately find the centre of the grip handle.


The Stealth Commercial Fitness Multi-Grip Shrug/Trap Bar has a ‘hex’ frame design, ensuring it doesn’t take up too much floor space. The Bar is designed to suit users of all heights and the Olympic weight pins have been engineered to sit off the floor at a comfortable height to easily add and remove the weight discs.


The bar has been thoroughly tested to 450kg with specialist 50kg plates, if using standard plates, the bar holds approximately 250-300kg in weight depending on the thickness of the discs.The end cap on the Olympic collar ensures weights fit tightly to the bar, which is ideal when using heavy loads and ensures you do not need to reset the collars and weights after each heavy deadlift.


The Stealth Commercial Fitness Multi Grip Shrug/Trap Bar is extremely heavy duty and is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. The bar is one of 5 Core Primal Strength Bars and the range has been designed for use in any sports facility, commercial gym, PT studio or home. It comes in a Matte Nero frame with brushed aluminium Olympic sized (50mm) weight pins. We recommend using the Primal Strength Lock Jaw or Clamp Collars with the bar.