Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Glute Ham Developer


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The Stealth Commercial Fitness Glute Ham Developer (GHD) has been engineered to isolate the hamstrings and is widely regarded as a must use the machine in most strength and conditioning programs.


The Stealth Commercial Fitness GHD covers a wide range of exercises:


• Glute Ham Raises


• Back Raises


• One Leg Glute Ham Raises


• One Leg Back Raises


• Side Bending Torso Rotation… Useful Info……… Oversized Pad and Leg Holders for Comfortable and Supported Use Multi-Adjustable Leg Length options to Correctly Isolate Hamstrings Power Band Pegs for Additional Power Training Support Handles and Diamond Shape Non-Slip Foot Plate Commercial Grade Powder Coated Finish with a Lifetime Frame Warranty Specs on this Glute Bench…….. HEIGHT: 100cm WIDTH:80cm LENGTH:135cm MAX USER WEIGHT:150kg MATERIAL: Steel BRAND: Primal Strength WARRANTY: Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- One Years Parts