Primal Squat Rack


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The Primal Strength Light Commercial Squat Stands are designed for personal training studios and garage gyms. The squat stands are perfect for power lifting and have multi-height bar options. They can also be used for bench pressing using the middle, adjustable J-hooks and safety spotters.


The squat stands have three bar catchers; the bottom safety spotters are easily adjusted using the rear pop-pins, the lower J-hooks are adjustable with rear pop-pins and the top J-Hooks are height adjustable and secured with a safety bar.


The stands have reinforced bases and can be positioned at any width, each stand comes with both standard and Olympic size weight plate holders. The weight plate holders can help users secure the heavy duty stands for heavier lifts.


The Primal StrengthLightCommercial Squat Stands come in Matte Black and are backed with a l one-year light commercial parts warranty.






2mm Heavy-Duty, Box Steel Squat Stands

  • Adjustable, Pop-Pin Safety Spotters & J-Hooks
  • Multi-Height Top J-Hooks (206cm Max Height), 55cm min
  • Standard & Olympic Storage Pins Included
  • Rated up to 300kg with a Light Commercial Warranty