Premier Strength Power Rack

The Power Rack is the cornerstone of every home gym! This model features a pull-up bar, squat rack and upper and lower pulleys for a versatile workout. The plate bar racks have extensive adjustment possibilities and the cage frame is made of sturdy metal that can withstand heavy use. The stylish rack has been tested to withstand loads of up to 300kg and designed to be used with Olympic size weight plates.

Easy Payment Plan Available – 6 Monthly Installments of €103.00


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The Premier strength Home Power Rack with Lat Pull Down and Low Row is designed for homes and garage gyms. Backed with a 2 year, in-home frame warranty and designed using box steel with hardened chrome attachments.

The rack is designed with multiple frame holes, to ensure the spotter catchers and bar hooks can be set at any height. The Lat pull-down and low row attachment allows users to perform multiple back and arm exercises.Thi Rack is designed for use with Olypic Size weight plates.