Commercial Prowler sled


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The Stealth Commercial Fitness Premium Prowler is the ‘go to’ functional item for all commercial gyms, sport facilities and cross fit boxes. Prowlers are not only designed to be used as the ultimate conditioning session but can also be used to develop your legs, hip and core strength, and upper body. Prowlers are great for both one-on-one PT sessions and in a group training environment.

The Stealth Commercial Fitness Premium Prowler has several benefits over standard Prowlers:

• Twice powder-coated 3mm steel, stops paint flaking and ensures the prowler stays (and looks) in good condition when used both indoors and outdoors

• Oversized foot plates help prevent Astro-Turf damage and allow for a smoother motion, even when the Prowler is loaded with a heavy weight

• Multi-point harness/karabiner attachments allow the Prowler also to be used as a sled

• The Stealth Frame allows multiple user heights for different pushing and pulling angles for athletes of all physiques

• The Raised Frame design allows the Prowler to be easily used with Battle Ropes

The Stealth Commercial Fitness Premium Prowler comes in Matte Black and is backed with a lifetime frame warranty. The Stealth Prowler can be used with the optional Rebel Elite Harness attachment (PSAC0033).