Cardio Pro Olympic Hex Bar

Our Cardio Pro Olympic Trap Bars allow you to perform shrugs and deadlifts with ease. Intensify your upper back workouts and get the range of movement you need for full extension. The neutral grip makes deadlifts more comfortable. Suitable for 2″ weights.



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  • Cardio Pro Olympic Hex Bar
  • Heavy duty solid steel 23kg hex bar
  • Multi grip knurled handles
  • For use with Olympic 2″ weights
  • Provides greater muscle contraction by eliminating contact with upper thighs and torso
  • Hex bars are ideal for working traps and shoulder muscles
  • Also ideal for shrugs, farmers walk and carry exercises as well as trap bar deadlifts
  • Maximum weight capacity 300kg
  • 1.42 metres Long
  • 23kg Bar Weight