BodyMax Commercial Rear Delt/PecFly

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Key Features:

  •  Sleek and stylish, designed for heavy commercial use.
  •  Instruction placard and two water bottles incorporated
  •  Distinctive red adjustable levers
  •  Strong robust frame
  •  Heavy 90kg weight stack included with stack guard


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The new BodyMax Commercial Rear Deltoid and Pec Fly Machine targets the rear of the deltoid muscle as well as the pecs to strengthen the upper body, improve posture and aid with injury prevention. Suitable for both novice and frequent gym users, this new commercial product from BodyMax will be the perfect addition to any fitness suite.

Using only the finest components, the Rear Deltoid and Pec fly machine gives a smooth and fluid motion that make working out a genuine pleasure. The system comes with an adjustable heavy 90kg weight stack and guard which offer additional safety allowing users to exercise in confidence. A conveniently placed user instruction placard is also included to illustrate how to use the machine as well as what specific muscles are being worked. A distinctive red weight selector and seat adjustment pins have been incorporated to clearly highlight the adjustable areas and help the visually impaired.

Designed to provide a comfortable experience this machine features an adjustable padded seat and back rest for extra support. A perfect addition to any gym, the machine is also suitable for schools, colleges, staff fitness suites, hotels, offshore, military and blue light services.

154 x 131 x 201cm (L x W x H)

The BodyMax Commercial Rear Deltoid and Pec Fly Machine comes with a 1 year full commercial, 1 year parts / labour and 90 day consumables warranty.