BodyMax CF353 Olympic Bench and Olympic Barbell Kit Strength Package

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Key Features:

  •  Includes Bodymax CF353 Olympic Competitor Bench
  •  Includes Flat / Incline Bench Press with height adjustable stands
  •  Includes Preacher Curl and Leg Extension / Leg Curl attachments
  •  Includes disc storage facility
  •  Inlcudes Bodymax 100kg Olympic Cast Iron barbell kit

Package contains:

  •  BodyMax CF353 Olympic Competitor Bench(misc: Olympic Competitor Bench)
  •  BodyMax 100kg Olympic Cast Tri-Grip Barbell Kit with 7ft Bar


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Eye-catching design and sturdy construction is what the Bodymax CF353 Olympic Competitor Bench is all about. The perfect addition to your home gym or fitness studio, this bench is perfect for newbies and seasoned athletes alike. Just one look and it’s easy to see why people are raving about it. The heavy-duty construction means you can take your training to the maximum in complete confidence.

Easily adjustable the CF353 also boasts a Preacher Curl and Leg Developer that will help to isolate important muscles and bring even greater diversity to your fitness regime. Using the bench at different angles encourages varied muscle engagement, so you work all aspects of the muscle to create a more defined and sculpted look. Targeting the whole muscle also improves its strength and helps with injury prevention.

The perfect companion for working with free weights such as dumbbells and barbells this stunning mid-width bench also comes with an adjustable bar rest and convenient Olympic Storage Pins so you can store extra Olympic weights when not in use. A padded seat, back rest, foam rollers and support pad provide the ultimate in support and comfort, while the durable upholstery can be wiped clean so you can train longer and harder.

Challenge yourself with exercises such as; the bench press, trunk rotation, side bend, high pull, barbell row, biceps curl, triceps extension, reverse fly, dead-lift, shrug, squat, lunge and calf raise, to target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Toning and strengthening these muscles will not only add spectacular definition to your body, it will also help improve muscular endurance, promote healthy weight loss and assist with injury prevention.

This stunning 100 kg kit includes the following: 1 x 7ft chromed and knurled Olympic Barbell with a maximum weight capacity of 300kg, 1 x pair of Olympic Spring Collars, 4 x 2.5 kg, 4 x 5 kg, 2 x 10 kg, 2 x 15 kg

This package comes with a 1 Year Home Warranty for Bench & Barbell Kit.