BH TFC Medical Crosstrainer

Reinforced handlebars that make the access to the machine easier for users with mobility issues.Rear open access to the machine without obstacles.Oversized pedals for maximum comfort.Double ergonomic handgrips that allow different kind of exercises.Improved support system to ensure the maximum stability during the exercise.



The TFC Med BH Fitness elliptical cross trainer is ideal for rehabilitation . It is a bicycle designed for semi- professional use that has rear rails to facilitate access, oversized pedals that provide greater comfort, double ergonomic grip to perform different types of exercises and animproved support system to ensure maximum stability during training.

  •  Reinforced rear rails to ensure easy access and safe exercise
  • – Free and unobstructed rear access
  • – Oversized pedals for total comfort
  • – Double ergonomic grip that allows different types of exercises
  • – Improved support system to ensure maximum stability during exercise