BERG PlayBase Medium Rubber Swing Seat + Baby Swing Seat

Design your own playground, fitness space, or lounge set, or throw them all into the mix together. The extensive range makes it easy to combine play, exercise and lounging accessories to create your own personal PlayBase.With this pack the Kids and Toddler swings are included.



BERG PlayBase Medium TL Rubber Swing Seat + Rubber toddler Swing Seat

Climb as high as Mount Everest or swing up to the stars. All combinations have been developed to endlessly challenge children. You can choose from the Rubber swing seat or the toddler swing seat or simply choose to use the frame for climbing.

Do you already know what you want to do with BERG PlayBase? You can choose from
18 different accessories, which you can easily assemble and disassemble.Grow tired of the accessories included or the family needs have changed simply order alternative accessories to swap with the swings on the Playbase.


Included In this Pack

  • 1 x Medium Size Playbase Frame
  • 1 x Rubber toddler swing seat
  • 1 x Rubber Swing Seat
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