Battle Rope



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The Stealth Commercial Fitness Nero Gloss Battle Rope has been designed to be used both in a gym environment and in outdoor boot camps. The rope is protected by heavy-duty canvas and has rubberised grip handles.

When designing the Stealth Rope, we spoke to commercial gym owners and Personal Trainers and the feedback was the longer, 15m rope is more popular whilst users prefer a 10-15kg weight. We settled on the 12kg/15m rope and thoroughly tested it to ensure it would last.

Training with Battle Ropes gives users access to multiple conditioning exercises and they are great for power work and both aerobic and anaerobic training. When training with battle ropes, users employ multiple muscle groups, achieving fast results and quickly improving their conditioning.

The Stealth Commercial Fitness Nero Gloss Battle Rope is covered with a full 1-year warranty for indoor and outdoor use. The rope must be stored indoors in a dry environment.

The Primal Strength kit is seriously impressive, I love the build quality and their funky designs!