100kg Colour Bumper Plate Bundle

Get an effective workout in the comfort of your home with the Premier Strength Color Olympic plates. Now you can build muscle and add definition to your total body for optimal fitness. Rubber for durability and quiet lifts, Weight-marked for easy recognition



Our Premier Strength Olympic Bumper Plates are made from high density rubber around an inner weight and collar. Also the density of this material absorbs the impact of a drop and keeps the bar from bouncing dangerously back up.


  • Thick rubber coating for bounce on impact to protect both the floor and the weight.
  • Uniform sizing to distribute the force across a larger surface area and help prevent damage once the weights are dropped.
  • The preferred choice of crossfitters, competitive lifters and heavy training.
  • 100kg package includes – 2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg